Justice and Peace Promotion

True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Justice promotion is another aspect that JPRM is concerned about. It is not only meant for the department alone but its activities are inculcated in Adult Education, Women Empowerment and Economic Program (WEEP), Christian- Muslim Mutual Relations, Community Exchange Program and all other programs of JPRM.
  1. Peace Education: Another area of peace promotion is peace education. The justice and peace promotion department established peace clubs in the primary and secondary schools and also provide opportunities for short training workshops on peace for interested teachers to influence their pupils in the schools, and train court agents in the 90s. As a result of this program, a peace orientation and conference centre was established in Jos, riding on the idea or the philosophy that it is only ‘peace by peaceful means that endures’. At the moment the POCC is providing accommodation, social facilities and Training facilities with conference facilities, to provide a wide range of opportunities for peace & conflict studies.
  2. Community Exchange Visits: This is a special programme of the JPRM, which brings people from different communities with different religious and cultural affiliations together; to embark on a visit to a project or a community different from theirs. The programme makes communities integrate, socialize and understand one another, accept one another and make friends, and develop or create business opportunities that will be challenging and attractive to them, which will also form the basis of their future cooperation.